Teen Wolf Fancy Dress Costume

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Can you imagine the 1980s without the Michael J. Fox movies? As with Back To The Future, Teen Wolf provided us with another iconic fashion look, this time in the form of the Beavers basketball player outfit. We are going to focus on this for a Teen Wolf fancy dress costume.

The original film was a quirky, coming-of-age comedy horror, which followed the story of Scott Howard, played by the aforemetioned Michael J. Fox. He is an average high school student who discovers he is a werewolf – as if navigating adolescence wasn’t challenging enough on its own!

Teen Wolf was quintessentially 80s. It captured the fashion, music, and overall zeitgeist of the decade. From the memorable pop-rock soundtrack to the iconic basketball montages set to catchy tunes, the film’s style and tone were unmistakably rooted in the era of big hair and boomboxes.

Becoming the lead character is a brilliant costume idea, and is ideal for 80s, horror and Halloween themed parties and events.

Best Teen Wolf Costume for Adults

The most popular Teen Wolf 80s movie costume is this one by Smiffys, which captures the iconic look really well. It blends elements of the basketball outfit (with the Beavers 42 yellow top) and the more casual attire with the blue and yellow varsity jacket. Also included are the werewolf hand gloves, wig & facial hair (beard). You can simply wear this with jeans.

Here are two more Teen Wolf fancy dress costumes which we found for you…

The yellow Beavers basketball vest and shorts outfit is a nice option for the summer months, and will certainly be cooler than wearing a varsity jacket and jeans!

Teen Wolf Beavers 42 Scott Howard Basketball Costume, yellow and blue.Teen Wolf Beavers 42 Scott Howard Basketball Costume, yellow and blue.Official Teen Wolf Costume by Spirit Halloween. Includes: Wig, beard, jacket, gloves.Official Teen Wolf Costume by Spirit Halloween. Includes: Wig, beard, jacket, gloves.


Teen Wolf Accessories

Classic Orange BasketballClassic Orange Basketball


Add this low-cost orange basketball (which has a classic design and looks very much like the one in the movie) to further enhance your look. You may also like these T-shirts and sweatshirt…

Beavers 42 Yellow T-shirtBeavers 42 Yellow T-shirtBeavers Teen Wolf 1985 Sweatshirt. 5 sizes.Beavers Teen Wolf 1985 Sweatshirt. 5 sizes.Teen Wolf Raglan T-shirt for MenTeen Wolf Raglan T-shirt for MenBasic White Trainers for MenBasic White Trainers for Men


The basketball trainers (sneakers) that Scott Howard wore in the 1985 film appear to be adidas with the classic triple side stripes. Of course, a pair of these would set you back a tidy sum, so we suggest wearing cheap white trainers as shown above.

Teen Wolf Mask

Officially Licensed Teen Wolf MaskOfficially Licensed Teen Wolf Mask


This is the only official mask and although it available on the Amazon UK site, it is imported from their U.S. store, so you will need to allow time for delivery.

Thankfully, unlike Scott, you won’t have to deal with the added complication of turning into a werewolf at the most inconvenient times, such as during basketball games, parties, and school dances!


Although Teen Wolf wasn’t a critical darling when it was released, it has since gained a cult following. The film’s enduring popularity led to a successful TV series reboot, showcasing its lasting impact on popular culture.

Michael J. Fox’s endearing performance, the relatable story of self-acceptance, and the film’s undeniable 80s charm made it a howling success at the box office. You can pay homage to this with a Teen Wolf fancy dress costume.

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