Skeletor Fancy Dress Costumes

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In the vast realm of 1980s pop culture, few villains stand as iconic and enduring as Skeletor from Masters of the Universe. Skeletor fancy dress costumes are available for adults and kids, and are ideal for 80s, cartoon, horror and, of course, Halloween themed cosplay events and parties.

The purple character was created as the main antagonist for He-Man, the muscular and virtuous hero of the Masters of the Universe franchise. Skeletor’s nefarious plans and distinctive appearance have left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of fans worldwide.

Created by designer Roger Sweet, Skeletor was initially envisioned as a “Demon from Another Dimension.” His design, a combination of the supernatural and the grotesque, was a masterstroke, capturing the imagination of children and adults alike.

Skeletor Mask and T-shirt

I want to start by showing you this low-cost Skeletor mask with hood, which is especially ideal for those of you on a low budget, or those who simply don’t want a full costume.

Skeletor PVC Mask with Hood.Skeletor PVC Mask with Hood.Skeletor I Am Not Nice T-shirt by Truffleshuffle.Skeletor I Am Not Nice T-shirt by Truffleshuffle.


The mask and hood is an excellent option, and you could even wear it with the suggested funny T-shirt above which will give you a simple costume that won’t break the bank.

Best Skeletor Costume for Adults

Official Skeletor Fancy Dress Costume by Rubies.Official Skeletor Fancy Dress Costume by Rubies.


This offically licensed Skeletor costume for adults (by Rubies) looks pretty impressive, and includes fibre filled muscles and attached 3D fibre filled shoulder armour. The headpiece features a face mask with pre-cut eye holes, allowing to to easily hunt for He-man! A standard and XL size are available.

The costume is actually based on Skeletor in the latest Masters of the Universe Revelation cartoon series, which is why he has a cape.

Smiffys Blue and Purple Skeletor Costume for AdultsSmiffys Blue and Purple Skeletor Costume for AdultsSmiffys Kids Skeletor Costume for Children. Padded purple and blue jumpsuit with hood and mask.Smiffys Kids Skeletor Costume for Children. Padded purple and blue jumpsuit with hood and mask.


Another well-known British fancy dress supplier, Smiffys, also have a classic Skeletor costume for adults and kids. It has a more pronounced muscular look but without the cape, as he is based on the original 80s Masters of the Universe cartoon.

They both include a blue and purple padded Jumpsuit, EVA padded muscle chest & hooded mask, and also comes in two sizes.

Skeletor Child Costume by Inspirit Designs. Jumpsuit, hooded cape with attached mask, belt, glove.Skeletor Child Costume by Inspirit Designs. Jumpsuit, hooded cape with attached mask, belt, glove.


Best Skeletor Costume for Kids

If you really want your child to look like the ultimate Skeletor, then you will like this impressive outfit by Inspirit Designs. It’s officially licensed and has great attention to detail. We particulary like the sculpted angles on the face mask and the red eyes, and also the matching green arm and glove.

Child's Skeletor fancy dress costume. purple and blue with green face mask. Front and rear view with close-up of head and hood and green hand glove.

We hope that you like our selection of Skeletor fancy dress costumes for men and boys, and that you are now ready to go and take over Eternia and the universe – if He-Man will let you, of course!

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