Eddie The Eagle Fancy Dress Costume

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An Eddie The Eagle fancy dress costume is an ideal choice for a unique and alternative 80s theme, or for a British, sports or Olympics themed party or event.

At the 1988 Winter Olympics, Eddie “the eagle” Edwards became an instant sensation. In true Brtish style, he finished last in both the 70-meter and 90-meter ski jumping events in Calgary but captured the hearts of people around the world with his underdog spirit and boundless enthusiasm.

So what items are needed for an Eddie The Eagle costume? A blue ski suit with No.24 on the front, a pair of pink ski goggles and aviator glasses will create an authentic look.

There is one ready-made costume available online, which is manufactured by Orion Costumes. It’s a complete outfit, and includes the blue jumpsuit/ski suit with a print design featuring “Calgary 88” text and a No.42. Also included is the headpiece, glasses and yellow soft skis.

You will have spotted that “42” is displayed and not “24”, and this is possibly for copyright reasons. I’m not sure how many people remember the number (I certainly don’t!), so this is a pretty minor flaw, and the overall look is actually pretty authentic.

Adult Eddie The Eagle Fancy Dress Costume. Blue ski suit with Calgary 88 text and No.42Adult Eddie The Eagle Costume. Blue ski suit with Calgary 88 text and No.42


This costume is not cheap, so you may want to consider creating one of your own. You’ll need some light blue/turquoise overalls and a white cropped vest top.

Accessories should include either pink ski goggles or big framed aviator glasses, or possibly both! I’ve managed to find some low cost items for you below.

Low Cost Pink Ski GogglesLow Cost Pink Ski Goggles80s Aviator Clear Glasses80s Aviator Clear GlassesLight Blue Overalls (Jumpsuit) for Eddie The Eagle CostumeLight Blue Overalls (Jumpsuit) for Eddie The Eagle CostumeMens Low Cost White VestMens Low Cost White VestIron On 8 inch Blue NumbersIron On 8 inch Blue Numbers


Unfortunately, finding a white cropped vest for men is impossible, but you may be able to roll up the vest inwards and stick it in place. Another option is to use white and yellow paint, and/or permanent marker pens.

A light blue jumpsuit is also very difficult to find (there are plenty of dark blue ones!), but I did find one, at least, and it’s not too highly priced.

Whichever Eddie The Eagle fancy dress costume you opt for, I hope you have fun wearing it at whatever party or event you’re going to. Have lots of fun!

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