Create an E.T. Fancy Dress Costume

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E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial is a timeless classic, beloved by generations of moviegoers. The titular character, a lovable alien from Steven Spielberg’s 1982 film, has become an iconic figure in pop culture. In this post, I’m I’m going to show you hown too create an E.T. fancy dress costume.

If you’re looking to create a memorable and heartwarming Halloween costume, or you simply want to pay homage to this beloved character, making your own E.T. costume is a fantastic idea.

We’re going to show you three options, which include an Elliott Costume, E.T. Costume and Gertie Costume for women.

E.T. Elliott Adult Costume. Red hoodie, white blanket and E.T. cutoutsE.T. Elliott Adult Costume. Red hoodie, white blanket and E.T. cutouts


The above costume by Halloween Costumes has all you need to give you an instant Elliott costume. However, it does also give much inspiration for how to create your own budget D.I.Y. Elliott.

Create an Elliott Bike Scene Costume

Elliott is best remembered for wearing a red hoodie with blue jeans. The most iconic scene in the movie is when E.T. was wrapped in a white blanket while sat in Elliot’s grey bicycle basket/crate.

To recreate the bicycle scene, you could try and find a red Kuwahara BMX bike, although that’s probably out of the question! Your best option is to purchase a small grey crate or simply use a cardboard box and paint it with grey paint.

Small Grey Crate to carry your E.T.Small Grey Crate to carry your E.T.


We also really like this low-cost, grey storage box which comes in three sizes.

How do your create an ET?

By far, the cheapest option is to purchase a cardboard face mask.

E.T. Blanket Card Face MaskE.T. Blanket Card Face Mask


You can also buy a cheap E.T. cardboard mask online (with just the face) from Mask Junction. You can stick this onto a sturdy object (such as a block of wood) and cover with a white towel, so that only the face is shown.

You could use a plush toy. Although on the small side, it would look cute and funny, and you could wrap him in a white hand towel or flannel. Here are all the items needed to create your Elliott costume…

If you love using glue and sellotape, then You may like this D.I.Y. Elliott and E.T. Costume project at

Low-Cost Red Hoodie for E.T. Elliott CostumeLow-Cost Red Hoodie for E.T. Elliott CostumeE.T. 10 Inch Plush ToyE.T. 10 Inch Plush ToyWhite Cotton Hand Towel  to wrap around your E.T.White Cotton Hand Towel to wrap around your E.T.Grey Crate Basket (to carry E.T.)Grey Crate Basket (to carry E.T.)


E.T. Fancy Dress Costume

To dress as the adorable alien himself, you’re going to need a face mask. You can buy one ready-made, or attempt to create your own if you’re the creative type. So, wrap a white blanket around yourself to recreate the look, or wear a red hoodie to add an element of Elliott’s costume.

Another option is to hire an E.T. costume from Mad Hatters Fancy Dress, which costs £29.70 for 5 days.

E.T. Natural Latex Full Head Mask by Fun CostumeE.T. Natural Latex Full Head Mask by Fun CostumeLow-cost E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Full Head MaskLow-cost E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Full Head MaskToddler Child's Full E.T. Bodysuit and HeadpieceToddler Child’s Full E.T. Bodysuit and HeadpieceWhite Baby Blanket (organic cotton) to wrap around E.T's headWhite Baby Blanket (organic cotton) to wrap around E.T’s head


You may also find this life-sized E.T. card cutout useful…

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Life Size Card CutoutE.T. The Extra Terrestrial Life Size Card Cutout


E.T. Gertie Costume

If you’re female, then you may prefer to dress-up as Elliott’s younger sister, Gertie. In the film, she wore a striped top with black dungarees and pigtails in her hair. Thankfully, you can by a ready-made, officially licensed Gertie costume for adults, which includes the striped shirt, overalls, hair ties and treat bag.

Dressing as Gertie and Elliott would make a fantastic costume idea for a couple.

E.T. Gertie Costume by Halloween CostumesE.T. Gertie Costume by Halloween Costumes


Creating an E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial costume is a fantastic way to pay homage to a beloved character from cinema history. We hope that you have found this post useful, and whatever event you wear it to, have fun, and please remember to phone home!

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