Big Daddy 80s Wrestler Costume

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There is one name in British wrestling history that is legendary, and that is Big Daddy. With his enormous frame, unmistakable charisma, and “Easy” chant, Big Daddy became a household name in the United Kingdom, captivating audiences with his entertaining and larger-than-life persona.

A Big Daddy wrestler fancy dress costume is the ideal choice for British, sports and 1980s themed fancy dress parties and events.

Big Daddy 80s Wrestler Fancy Dress Costume.Big Daddy 80s Wrestler Fancy Dress Costume.


The costume includes a white jumpsuit with “Big Daddy” lettering across the front, a Union Flag robe, wig and black boot covers. We recommend adding some padding to the belly area (maybe a cushion) for an authentic look/

Crabtree began his wrestling career in the 1950s under the name “Blond Adonis.” He wrestled for several years on the British circuit and earned a reputation as a talented and formidable competitor. However, it wasn’t until he adopted the persona of Big Daddy that he would skyrocket to stardom.

Big Daddy’s immense popularity led to numerous memorable feuds and rivalries throughout his career. None was more famous than his rivalry with Giant Haystacks, another colossal figure in British wrestling. These two behemoths clashed in epic battles that drew enormous crowds and captivated the nation.

The feud between Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks remains one of the most iconic rivalries in British wrestling history. Millions would spend a Saturday Afternoon glued to their TV sets to watch them on ITV’s World Of Sport – Saturday’s have never been quite the same since its demise.

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