Bananaman Fancy Dress Costumes

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Unlike Eric Wimp, you won’t need to eat a banana to transform into Bananaman, because there are three different, ready-made Bananaman fancy dress costumes available for adults, allowing you to instantly become the 80s cartoon superhero. But which one is right for you?

The Banamana cartoon first aired in the UK during 1983, and you may remember that it featured the voices of the Goodies; Graeme Garden, Tim-Brooke Taylor (R.I.P.) and Bill Oddie.

Bananaman Piggy Back Costume for Adults.Bananaman Piggy Back Costume for Adults.Official Bananaman Second Skin Costume. by Smiffys.Official Bananaman Second Skin Costume. by Smiffys.Bananaman Padded Costume. Padded top, trousers, yellow boot covers, gloves, a banana cape and beltBananaman Padded Costume. Padded top, trousers, yellow boot covers, gloves, a banana cape and belt


Firstly, we have the hilarious Bananaman piggy back costume for adults which is guaranteed to gain plenty of laughs. It’s a tad expensive but if you have the budget then it’s a fun option. Not only is it ideal for an 80s themed event, but also for childrens parties, too, and I’m sure the kids will find it funny.

The second skin costume is cheaper to buy and also adds a unique twist by being faceless. On the downside, you will need to be in good shape if you don’t want all your lumps and bumps to show! That said, the site of a portly middle-aged man (such as myself) in a tight second skin outfit is hilarious in itself! The outfit includes an attached hood, belt, gloves and boot covers.

The Bananaman padded chest costume by Smiffys is, as I write, the most expensive option but will give you a pretty authentic look. The costume is complete and provides everything needed. So, if you’ve always dreamed of showing off your bulging biceps, but could never be bothered to work out, well now is your chance, albeit in blue and yellow!

You can purchase the Bananaman Padded Costume directly from Smiffys online, or from their Amazon storefront, which I have linked to in the picture above. You can compare the prices which can save you a few £pounds, as the prices often differ.

Two Bananaman fancy dress costumes. Second skin and padded chest, blue and yellow.

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